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Technically, a piano that is played regularly should probably be tuned no less than twice a year. There are several reasons to have a piano tuner service your piano annually, and the tonal quality is only one of the reasons. The average piano that is fully strung to approximately 225 steel 3" tuning pins driven into a 15 to 20 layer pin block of laminated hard rock maple create a total pull of about 40,000 lbs. That's an incredible amount of tension on a piece of equipment made mostly of wood, glue and felt.Here are just a few reasons that regular piano tuning is the most practical and economical choice for serious piano owners:

1). If a piano is allowed to go slack over a period of years, then when you do attempt to pull the strings up to A-440 or universal pitch, the memory of the steel strings is so dominant that the piano will quickly go flat and dissonant.

2). The "crown" of a soundboard (which creates the special tone of a piano) is based on the level of tension created by the pull of the strings. When allowed to slowly go flat, the tension changes, and pianos that lose their crown can be very unpleasant-sounding.

3). When the player becomes accustomed to an out-of-tune instrument, he may not realize the subtle nuances of say, a Romantic Classical piece of music, because it can't be sensed when so far off.

There are quite a few other good reasons, which your piano tuner will probably mention, but these will do for now, A regular piano tune is good for the piano, it's good for young Students, and your guests will appreciate it as well, especially if they have "an ear" for music!
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