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This is a diagram of the "action" of a piano. There are 20 moving parts shown here. However, this diagram only illustrates the components of one note, and there are 88 notes. That means that a functioning piano has 1,760 moving parts  that can break, wear out, get stuck or bound up, etc. That's why older pianos can be very expensive to repair.

FACT: Many people have upright pianos in their homes, handed down or purchased second-hand. Once a major problem occurs such as strings that will not stay tuned ("slipping pins"), or hammers that have worn down too far or cracked soundboard... it's usually cheaper to list it on CraigsList, and purchase a newer instrument.

Why are pianos so expensive to repair?

FACT:  An older Grand Piano can cost between $9,000-$15,000 for a complete restoration, inside and out. Unless it's a legacy instrument such as a Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, etc. it's usually cheaper and more satisfying to purchase a new Grand piano.

A service call is $75.00 in the Okc metro area. Our repair rate is $65.00/hour, plus parTS.