We are Professional Piano Movers.

ARE YOU A DO-IT-YOURSELF KINDA GUY? Maybe not the best idea...

Book Perfect Pitch Piano Movers with confidence online. With over 30 years experience in local and long distance piano moves, we will care for your piano as if it were ours.

For those who have attempted to move a piano from a home, church, school etc to another location, you know exactly how difficult and frustrating, not to mention dangerous and expensive this exercise in futility can become. That's why we always encourage our clients to contract the services of experienced PIANO movers. Below are
four prerequisites to a successful piano move that we think you should consider when choosing  professional piano mover, from pick-up to delivery and setup:

1). Reputation -
     With the help of the internet, you can now find information out about a piano moving company, as well as read reviews from customers. Oftentimes, web reviews can be
     glowing and complimentary...or candid and brutal. It's worth paying attention to if a company is cheaper than all other professional piano movers, but is getting
     beat up badly from customer reviews. If you're looking for a local or long distance piano move, you should know that the majority of Oklahoma City piano movers and have a good-to-great reputation.

2). Price -
     Cheap is good. Shabby work is bad. Cheap piano movers are not necessarily indicative of lousy service. Just get 2 to 3 separate bids if possible. Then compare the prices to the reputation. It's not rocket science.

3)  Knowledge -
     This is a "duhhh..." Your common sense and intuition can figure into this equation. If your professional piano movers are - well...professional -then you are probably safe in assuming they will take great care of your piano, and get it safely from point A to point B without incident. They should be able to easily explain to you the basics of their technique, welcome your questions, and answer them to your satisfaction.  By the way, professional piano movers are always calm, confident and conscientious.
     If you schedule a piano move online or over the phone, then when your piano movers arrive, they don't seem quite as sharp as they proclaimed to be, or if they become defensive when questioned, or pushy, rude or reckless, then fire 'em on the spot! It's your piano!

4). Security -
     Most legitimate piano movers in Oklahoma City and throughout the country will provide some type of cargo insurance while your piano is in their possession. Nobody - most of all, the piano movers - want to face an accident or damage involving your piano. But unfortunately, it does happen on rare occasion. However, if the piano moving company you have picked is insured when in transit, then at least if an accident does occur, up to the value of your piano will be protected.  Our insurance automatically covers up to $5,000 estimated value of a piano that is moved by us (minus a deductible) and additional sums can be purchased for a small surcharge.