Perfect Pitch Piano Co.


Why Consider a Consignment Sale of your Piano?

We will do all the work to sell your piano for the price you want.   We make your selling your piano hassle-free...

  • No classified or web ads.
  • No strangers coming into your home.
  • No haggling with buyers over price.
  • No explanations for every little scratch, rattle or ding.
  • No hassle with out-of-town checks or credit card only buyers.

What we do for you...
Provide all moving arrangements from your location.
Perform any needed servicing and tuning of the piano.
Display and show the piano to the customer.
Display the piano in our online Gallery.
Provide moving or shipping arrangements for the buyer.

You’ll receive your agreed-upon price almost immediately following the sale of your piano. Once your piano has been purchased, we will inform you of the sale. We will then issue a check to you for the agreed-upon price within 3-5 days.

If for some reason, your piano does not sell during the consignment period, and you do not wish to re-negotiate a new net price, we will re-deliver the piano to your home or business*.
                                                                        *Additional mileage charges apply.